Говорник: Emiliano Campagnola

emilianoI was born in the south of Rome, after a long research for a space, a video-theatre studio, to play interactions with physical presence and image, I discovered a garden with an ancient story to be protected. I’m the poetical gardner at La Giostra.

  • Emiliano Campagnola received the degree in Acting at the National School of Cinema in Rome (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) 1994-96.
  • Course for the BA in DAMS (Disciplines of Art, Music and theatre) at University of Roma Tre.
  • Master class at the Moscow GITIS Theatre Accademy, with Prof. Jurij Alschitz.
  • After this master class he starts to work as assistant director for television (National TV, Rai 3) for theatre Teatro Vascello, and a Nike commercial directed by Michael Gondry.
  • In 2003 he presents VITE3 for n[ever]land-digital paths- at Macro Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.
  • VITE3 is a laboratory for the construction of a space dedicated to theatre and new tecnologies.
  • VITE3 organizes workshops and performance at the University of Rome 3, on web-cam theatre and streaming acting.
  • In 2005 is the curator of the video archive at Teatro Palladium of Rome.
  • 2006 partecipate in the Live-Isadora workshop (live interactive video for dance and theatre performance) by Troika Ranch, New York.
  • In 2007 presents Slave – a videotheatre show based on the Meno a Plato dialogue, in Catania Zo e Roma Neverlland Digital paths.
  • He realizes a telematic workshop connecting two italian Univiversities with an high definition audio video streaming for the conferente Network Humanitatis organized by GARR.
  • Partecipate to Romaeuropa festival ’07 with the collaborative project Around Fortier, a web performance on Second Life and a thtree screen projection of the dance performance Solo 30×30 by Paul Andrè Fortier.
  • 2008 realizes the editing of 80 minutes documentay  on theatre laboratory for the Rome Province.
  • 2008 Sub ubiquity studies – videotheatrical performance in 2 places at the same time.
  • He works on the GaTe telematic point of Garbatella Comune di Roma, a place to link digital video, virtual worlds and real life.
  • 2010 Plays as actor on movie “La nostra Vita” directed by Daniele Luchetti, prized in Cannes best actor Elio Germano.
  • 2011 Takes part to Teatro Valle Occupato
  • 2015 Launched the project La Giostra vite9, with the regeneration of the Big Bambù by Mike and Doug Starn, to build a theatre in the countryside of Rome.

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