Luljeta Aliu is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at Nurenberg, Germany, focusing on Transatlantic Relations. She has completed interdisciplinary studies in Political Science, German Literature and International Law at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, where got her Master Degree in International Relations with the thesis “Military Decision-Making in Multi-National Missions”. Her areas of scientific interest are international security policies, foreign policy, geopolitics and social mobilization. She also is the strongest voice against gender-based violence and very pro-active in her approach. In November 2018 she prepared and proposed an amendment to Family Law, specifying provisions related to joint property rights in marriages, lobbying for equivalence of housework and gainful employment. Her amendment proposal was voted and is in force since January 2019. Right now, she is contributing for the amendment of Law for Protection against Domestic Violence and the working sessions with the parliamentary bodies have started for this initiative. Young people and especially women have been motivated and inspired by her dedicated activism, bravery and resilience in her battle against domestic and institutional violence and all sorts of human rights violations. Luljeta Aliu is also active as a political analyst in several media. She has two daughters.