Говорник: Jernej Kastelic

photo (1)Jernej Kastelic is from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and is an active member of the Autonomous Factory Rog. The city is turning into a touristic park and within this touristic park a squat was formed 10 years ago. In the factory, where they made Rog bicycles, an autonomous center was formed. Within the factory walls a vibrant group of artists and activists found their space to create, interact and work. But the municipality does not know and does not want to know how important Rog in the last ten years has become for the city. They decided that they will destroy Rog and instead of a dynamic and active community they want to make a financially bloated and unnecessary cultural project. But people from Rog and the whole world fought against the demolition and for the time being defended an irreplaceable autonomous center.

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